special offer 
 for policyholders

Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies is offering policyholders an opportunity to save on the purchase of Triple+ leak detection and prevention systems.TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT ON THE RETAIL PRICE OF TRIPLE+ KITS

Protect property against water leaks

Detect burst pipes and freezing*

Save money on water bill

*some of the kits

Available options to meet your unique needs include:

option 1

Scheduled water shutoff based on a timer
$ 340 installation included
  • will automatically open the water supply at the set office opening hour and shut off the main valve at the determined time.
  • Water shutoff Shot-off
  • Controller

option 2

Water shutoff based on sensors
$ 545 installation included
  • sensor placed in locations susceptible to leaks and flooding. When a leak is detected, Triple+ will shut off the water supply and notify you via an app.
  • Water shutoff Shot-off
  • Flood sensor
  • Control via APP

option 3

Water shutoff based on abnormal water usage
$ 355 installation included
  • will detect abnormal water usage and close the main supply when a continuous flow is detected for a specified amount of time.
  • Water shutoff Shot-off
  • Flow sensor

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